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Padlock Bag Hanger/Holder

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Product Description

This is the perfect gift for anyone who carries a hangbag. A handbag hanger/holder that doubles as a baghanger and a bag accessory.

Not only is it completely gorgeous, these sparkling little bag hooks are just what you need to keep your bag clean and safe. Perfect for keeping your precious bag off dirty floors in restaurants and bars, it also comes in handy at the office or hair salon!

No need to worry about sitting your bag on your lap, or back of your chair. Instead hang your bag hook on the ledge of the table and keep it safe and in sight! Holds up to 5kg.

Bag hanger hooks are a lovely gift for girlfriends, family and bridesmaids.

Comes in different stylish designs.

This is a great unique gift for your best bud, family or friends!


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