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Fruit Notepads

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Product Description

“Eat your words” goes from a tired cliche to an appealing proposition when you’re writing on these cute fruit notepads. These memo pads look like delicious apples and pears and other fruits from the outside, but look closer and you’ll discover that they’re made of 150 premium sheets of note paper, each printed like a fruit cross-section.

They’re not just there to sit on the desk and look pretty, though- watch somebody try to refuse a request written on one of these whimsical memo slices. The attention to detail is amazing, too- the stems are made from actual tree branches, and the printing even extends to the seed inside. From office gift to dorm-room accessory, these make great gifts for just about anyone.

Comes with paperclip, mesh in a polybag.

In 5 different fruit designs:

  • Red Apple
  • Green Apple
  • Pear
  • Orange
  • Lemon

This is a great unique gift for your best bud, family or friends!

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Red Apple, Green Apple, Pear, Orange, Lemon, Assorted, All

2 reviews for Fruit Notepads

  1. :

    hi po :) available po xa sa wholesale price? thank u po

    • :

      Hi, yes, this is still available, wholesale price is P45 minimum of 6pcs :)

  2. :

    hello, is there a way that we can customize these?
    like printing Andrew and Camille’s Sweet First.
    order of about 20pcs.

    thank you :)

    • :

      Hi, I’m sorry we do not do printing. But perhaps if you could find a printer that can stensil your names here, it could work :)

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