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Cute Staple-less Stapler



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How can a stapler be used without the tradtional metal staples?

Actually it’s very easy to use. It will make a hole with a buckle stitch,punched out of the paper sheet itself.
In the past, a stapler without staples has been less a stapler and more of a paperweight. Stationery lovers everywhere (yes, there are those of us that gather in quiet corner’s of stationery stores just to sniff the legal pads and sticky notes) will be in office accessory heaven with the Staple-less Stapler.

This ingenious little doov-a-lacky will cut, fold and bind up to 7 pages – without a staple in sight! No more getting those pesky little staples jammed and ending up with 3 misshapen bits of wire in one big clump (that don’t even make it through all sheets of paper).

It means no more struggling to remove those same pesky little staples from the page and ripping your work. And of course no more rogue staples slipping between the keys of your keyboard to lie in wait for the most inopportune moment to sabotage your day, while the IT guys dig out the culprits and waggle disapproving fingers at you (again) for your shoddy housekeeping.

Those who prefer to tread lightly upon the earth will love the Staple-less Stapler’s much smaller environmental footprint! And its sleek silver style will suit any office.

It’s one little niggle is that you can’t actually see how it weaves it’s binding magic with one little squeeze of the punch (why not give one to those waggle-fingered IT guys, it’ll drive them mad trying to find out!).

If you’re yet to master the paperless office, at least you can use the Staple-less Stapler until you do!

As a gift? Good idea!

1)Safe for children and evironmentlally friendly.
2)Service life: 30000times


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Blue, Pink

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    hi do you offer wholesale for this? tnx!

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    Hello, How can I order? I tried following the instructions, but it seemns that it’s not working…

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