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Terms and conditions

Our product quality range from good to excellent, though it may not be 100% the same as the one in the photo this is due to limitation in Photography and monitor differences, 90% are the same as the one in the photo the other 10% are imitated from fashion magazine. Our product description are provided by our supplier so we are not liable for any discrepancies.

Be noted that once you submit an order form it means that you already commit to paying,and you are willing to wait.
You have to submit an order form for us to be able to record your orders and it also serves as a contract between the customer and us, so NO cancellation of orders unless your orders are sold out.


After submitting the order form, Customer will be given (3) three consecutive days to settle the payment, we will send you the instructions base on the payment method that you place in your order form.

We require 50% downpayment of the total amount ordered, and the remaining balance plus the shipping fee should be settled ON or BEFORE the order is delivered. (Failure to do so, will forfeit your downpayment and your order will be available for other customer.) so be responsible enough for your order/s.

we will send the item/s the next day after you process your payment, If you are outside Manila it will take a 2-3 business days.

We make sure that before we send the items to the shipping company we double check it so if ever it becomes damaged or lost it is not are liability.( Make sure you double check the necessary information like your shipping address, Name before you send the order form).

After you have settled your account and the Parcel have already arrived we will send to you the items in the next business day, if you are outside Manila it will take a 2-3 business days.

Schedule of Shipment for Pre-order.
We have (2) two batches of orders the 1st batch is every 1st day of the month up to 15th of the month the 2nd batch will be on every 16th of the month up to 30th of the month, and the expected date of Parcel arrival is 2-3 weeks.
You will be informed if ever there are some delays in our shipments, and the tracking numbers of your order will be posted in our site and will be sent to you via SMS or Email.


We accept the following modes of payment:

  • BPI Bank Deposit
  • Credit card (subject to 5% transaction fee)
  • Paypal¬†(subject to 5% transaction fee)